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·Well-designed               ·Strict quality

·Precise manufacturing  ·Integrity management

·Excellent products         ·Sincere cooperation

·Customer first                ·Face with the future


We are eager to cooperate and share a vision to create the corporate vision of China's most competitive aluminum processing equipment manufacturing


We not only participate in competition, but also pursue cooperation, and work

together with partners to seek common development. Please believe that

Tianjin Tianzhu is not only the preferred partner of all friends, but also your most reliable friend forever.

Taking market-oriented operation, standardized management, and specialized

management as the basis for governance; building a professional management

team, respecting knowledge, and attaching importance to technical talents as

the cornerstone of development; taking customers, employees, shareholders,

and enterprises as the fundamental goal; Tianjin Tian The furnace people

insist on self-examination, pioneering and innovative, in the continuous

optimization and improvement, create the core competitive advantage of the

enterprise; by adhering to the "enterprise development, employee happiness"

The concept of “culture and pursuit of the same enterprise, the same future


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